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"Thank you for sending me the HVO!  My Analogman King of Tone is my favorite pedal.  I could never imagine replacing it, but after playing the HVO side by side, the HVO is significantly better!  I'm really not sure how you did it, but I can get a sound just like my KOTs boost side, only cleaner and with more harmonics.  The picking dynamic is unbelievable, and I can hear every note in a chord, even with considerable gain. 
If you play the HVO along side any of the high-end overdrives, you really can see how much the others are holding back the sound.  It's almost like with the other overdrives you're hearing the guitar through a set of really nice studio monitors in a different room, whereas the HVO sounds like you're right in the room with the amp.  I ran it up against a few favorites:  the KOT, a modded TS808 and a Mad Professor Little Green Wonder.  While all of these have their own strengths, I would give up all of them before I give up the HVO.
Using this with my Rock Block and a 2X12, I can actually get a tube amp sound at an extremely tactful apartment volume.  It's not just a "tube amp" sound, but the sound of a really amazing tube amp.
I'm constantly looking for new pedals, and even after I fell in love with the KOT, I was still looking at others, wondering if there wasn't something I was missing.  I'm now sure the HVO has delivered the missing sound I was looking for!  You really do make some remarkable products and I have no doubt that if top tier guitarists get an earful of this pedal you're going to be a very busy man."
Michael M. 
New York
Video Demo
Youtube HVO Demo
The Youtube demo below was made by Brett Kingman in Australia.