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"Just wanted to say thanks for building such an incredible little amp.  It sounds great through my 2X12 cab.  I hooked it up in front of my '67 Bassman running the same cab, and it is the best sounding distortion pedal I've ever owned.  As soon as I heard it I put my Blackstar HT-Dual on Ebay.  I wish I had found your amp a long time ago."
"Very impressed - the build quality is outstanding and the sound is just what I've been looking for.  I play an old Blackface Fender Priceton Reverb in a modified cabinet.  I love the clean Fender sound, but needed just a little edge, while retaining the full frequency response.  This has it.  Not only that but I can get into the Vox top boost sound just by turning up the tone control on the Rock Block.  I can finally give up all this experimenting with different amps.  Very happy.  Thanks again, it was worth every penny, and I can sell off my AC30 and more than cover the cost of the Rock Block!"
"I am really impressed with this amp!  I had my doubts that a 1 - 1.5 watt amp would really be usable and not just a cool toy.  I am impressed with the clean tones at apartment level volume and the gain tones are also great.  The controls are very useful in shaping the tone and all the tones are very useful.  I have played the Rock Block along side my Fender Blackfaced Champ, Fender Tweed Princeton, Selmer Little Giant Killer, Gretsch-Valco 6150, and a Carr El-Moto and the Rock Block held it's own along side all these amps.  I am very particular about the tone of my guitars and amps and will not keep them around if they do not sound like I expect them to, and I will definitely be keeping the Rock Block.  I would like to add that the amp was really touch sensitive, like all good tube amps!  Thanks, Kim, for building such a fine amp at what I consider a really reasonable price!"
"I've had the Rock Block for a few weeks now, and I thought you should know how happy I am with it. It's a fabulous bit of gear. It's not just that it sounds great and has been brilliantly thought-out at the design stage, but I get the same pleasure from using the Rock Block that I do when I indulge myself in a little time with a favourite guitar. The only other amp I remember enjoying so much was one I sold to a student 20 years ago. I've mourned it ever since. This is the nearest I've come to that sound (no doubt my memory glorifies that amp, but there it is).
So this is just in the line of "customer feedback". I'm a very, very happy customer. Please let me know if you branch out into any other products.
Tom Foster - Australia
"This little thing is unbelievable.  I own just about every tube amp -- Fenders, Marshalls, Gibson Super Goldtones, Vox, Mesa, Ampeg, Victoria ... you get the message.  Rock Block where have you been all my life?"
V. K.
"Played with the Rock Block all day on one of my days off.  Took it to the local Long and Mcquade where my coach works and played through a 2X12 Dr. Z cab with Clextion blues.  What a beautiful sound.  Also been using it as an amp disconnecting the Rocket 50 in my Traynor ycv20 combo and had a great tiome also using it thru the combo as a stomp box.  Almost wish for a 40, 50 watt powered Rock Block.  Thx for a great little tone machine."
Clemens Smienk - British Columbia
"I am really digging the amp.  I had a Killer Ant that I liked but it just did not have that little extra oomph (or control) that I wanted.  The Rock Block fits the bill perfectly.  The extra controls you have provided make all the difference.  It is great at making "classic rock" tones.  Half the fun is playing around with the tubes!"
Jim Satter
"I love the amp and the combination with the Avatar G112 cube cabinet works really well for my needs.  My buddy in Buffalo, NY loves his Rock Block as well.  In fact, he took it to his friend who runs a recording studio and they ended up using it in the studio for some work he had to do.  Dave, the guy who runs the studio, loved the Rock Block and said it's tone was as close to perfect as anything could be and could not believe how versatile that little 1 watt could be."
Bob Cudney
"The amp is amazing.  The unit is super quiet, the built is amazing, the presentation as well.  I would call it "the best kept secret for a nano tube guitar amplifier".  The overdrive/distortion is just perfect, so far tried the pedal with a Mesa Subway in both channels, and it does a creamy overdrive to a mid saturation distortion like a Marshall.  Thanks for the good engineering."
Mario Valbuena
"My Rock Block arrived today.  I have been searching to get that distorted overdriven sound at a reasonable sound level (my Epi VJ was too loud).  This unit does this very well.  My Firebird comes alive (even the bridge pickup!!!)
T. H.
"This is a GREAT little amp/pedal!!!! This thing can stand alone as an amp like the Nano Head which cannot do the pedal thing. It is the best of both worlds and TONS of fun!!!! Like the Nano, it has rocker switches which tune tones on the fly, but unlike the Nano it can be used as a pedal. Also like the Nano, it has great creamy distortion, but unlike the Nano it has an amazing amount of Clean headroom meaning that you can play nice clean jazz at a low but very respectable volume, while adding just a bit of hair to the tone, if you know what I mean."
Dr. Chuck Billlera

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Eric Johnson Strat - 1X12 Cab - Clean, then Overdrive
Sound Clips
Video Demos
Here are a couple of full song mixes recorded by Shane Jones, an amazing guitarist who purchased a Rock Block. He used an MXR Dynacomp driving the Rock Block. Delay, reverb and EQ were added in software.
Cover of Panama by Van Halen
Cover of Photograph by Def Leppard
Direct Recording with the Rock Block - Part 1
Direct Recording with the Rock Block - Part 2
Shane also produced a couple of YouTube videos of the Rock Block demonstrating his live performance setup and direct recording without a speaker:
Rock Block
Professional Reviews
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